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Ida "Big Ida" Cole


Family Information: Married to Ed Cole.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: Moved into the house with Mr. and Mrs. Bohnstedt, then noticed that they were also "Ed" and "Ida", so the Cole's became "Big Ed" and "Big Ida" while the Bohnstedt's remained only plain "Ed" and "Ida".  

Job in Colony: In 1933 she and Mrs. Watson were assistants to Mrs. Matz who was in charge of preparing the noon-day meal at the hotel.

In May 1936 she and Ed, along with Mrs. Minnie Hewitt and Charlotte, Mrs. Bondell Banta, Mrs. White, Mrs. Hardy, Ed Mansfield, Harold Emery helped prepare for the first reception of the summer season that was held in the Roof Garden.

In 1936, she was working in the laundry with Harry Morgan, Mr. Cole and Mrs. Turner.

In July 1936 she and Ed at last succeeded in breaking away from the Llano Steam Laundry. Ever since their return from Massachusetts several months prior, the "King and Queen" had wanted to work at farming. However, they "were induced to save the ship -- or the laundry." Temporarily, Ed was working at the crate factory to help out in the emergency there, while Ida began temporarily to pick cucumbers and grapes, etc. Still, they remained unsettled -- until they could get a real farm job, which they both liked.

Other Info: In 1936, accompanied Mrs. Bohnstedt to the hospital when she had a slight operation on her ankle.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": December 23, 1933, February 29, 1936, May 30, 1936  


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