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Agnes Hardy Alternate spelling Agnis

Birth: Born around 1874 in New York.  

Family Information: Wife of Edward Hardy.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In May 1930 Maxine Palmer helped the Mesdames Oberleitner, Hewett, Kimball, Hardy, and Lacefield; the Misses Lois Thompson, Bonnie Mason, Florence Case and Rhea Mae Baldwin; and the Messrs. Petersen, Wichman and DeBoer serve dinner under the direction of Mrs. Walter Fread.

In June 1931 the midday meal was prepared and served by the Mesdames Lentz, Long, White, Corbett, Nesnow, Parsons, Hardy, Joynes and the Misses Stella Kittle, Bays and Caves. Frances Wilkerson and Virginia and Ruth Kittle gathered the trays which Mrs. Wright was kept busy wiping for repeated service.

In 1932 she had been, for a long time, in charge of the dish washing, three times a day, and because of dish shortage it was a strenuous joy which she did well. It was reported that there was "seldom any wait of the line on this account."

In June 1934 she washed dishes for all three meals at the hotel dining room, while May Gosset dried at dinner and supper, ably assisted by Kenneth Dean, Sylvester Watson and Loleta Murray.

In May 1936 she, along with Mrs. Minnie Hewitt and Charlotte, Mrs. Bondell Banta, Mrs. White, Ed Mansfield, Harold Emery, and Ed and Ida Cole helped prepare for the first reception of the summer season that was held in the Roof Garden.  

Other Info: In 1933 Ida Ann Bartlett began promoting a better social life for colonists who did not dance. She organized Monday night gatherings which would feature cards, dominoes, chess, checkers, etc. Hikes and other outdoor activities would be included as the weather improved. The first party was held in her home and featured Victrola music as the entertainment. Among those present were Marcus Mardfin, Theodore Atworth, C.W. Fields, Ed Schott, H.G. Starkweather, Chester Page, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy, John Black, S.E. Broyles and Boyd Bartlett.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: US Census: 1930; Llano Colonist: May 3, 1930, May 17, 1930, June 6, 1931, October 31, 1931, October 8, 1932, May 20, 1933, June 30, 1934, May 30, 1936  


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