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H.W. Bickle


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Pre-Colony History:  

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Job in Colony: In 1931 he was helping Billy DeBoer prepare smoking tobacco.

In November 1931 he was part of Mrs. Killian's six-man crew who turned out about 3,000 potato crate sides, fully nailed. Normally it required nine to run the plant, but the six of them managed it that day. In addition to Mrs. Killian, the crew included: Iris Busick, Irene Wilkerson and Comrades Banta, Bickle and Dean.

In February 1932 he, Carl Bradshaw and Dad Lloyd were sorting peanut seed in the sweet potato kiln while L.C. Thomas, Louis Rohr and Comrade Hartman were sorting peanut seed in the south wing of the commissary building.

In March 1932 he, John Szpila and Frank Borello were working in the colony gardens.

In April 1932 he, Carl Bradshaw and Nichols were cleaning out the sweet potato kiln in preparation to fumigating it before that year's crop was stored in it. In November of that year he had charge of the potato kiln which had been thoroughly cleaned and fumigated and was at that time ready to receive the "spuds". Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Shutt were helping him sort the potatoes into different grades and stack them in neat tiers to await the destiny that usually befell "spuds".  

Other Info: In June 1931 Dr. Kimmel was doing effective work with Comrades Bickle and Kretzchmar at the health home. In July Bickel "had been cured of his sore leg" and was able to leave the health home for his cozy room over the library. He had already been back at work (shelling beans) for some time, though under the watchful eye of Dr. Kimmel.  

Post-Colony History:  


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