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Carl Bradshaw


He was born in Iowa about 1891.

Family Information: Son of William "W.E." and Mary Emma Bradshaw and brother to Paul, Ray and Oral Bradshaw.

Husband of Myrtle Kemp; father of Carolyn Bradshaw.  

Description: His WWI draft registration card dated June 5, 1917 describes him as being tall and of medium build with light brown hair and gray eyes. At that time he was working as a plasterer for his father in Batavia, Iowa.  

Pre-Colony History: In 1900, he was living with his parents in Batavia, Iowa.

In 1910 and 1920, they lived in Locust Grove, Iowa and he was working as a house plasterer.

He came to the colony with his father, William E. Bradshaw and brothers Paul and Ray from Iowa -- some time after the death of his mother in 1930 at Batavia, Iowa.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: He drove the roustabout wagon delivering goods from the store; also was an expert wall finisher, lather and plasterer. In 1931 he and Tom Ferrell were hauling a special sharp sand for plastering work.

In July 1931 the veneer plant was going in full force with Johnny Dougherty, Long, Ole Synoground, Carl Bradshaw, George Jensen, Slaughter, Ray Bradshaw, Fred Hamel, Hoag and Roede on the job; as well as Bennie Brown, Jimmie Brown, Helen Joe Dougherty, Lucille Oberlitner, Rhea Mae Baldwin, George Maki and Jimmie Dix.

In October 1931 he and Elliott Self rebuilt the unloading rack for veneer logs and that afternoon he and Banks sawed the logs up in blocks of proper length for the veneer machine.

Also in October 1931 he and Webb finished digging a septic tank pit at the hospital which George Hullinger, Wesley Wright, Chas. Baughman, Fred Busick and Elliott Self would build up as soon as they finished with the septic tank at the hotel.

In February 1932 Dad Lloyd, Carl Bradshaw and Bickle were sorting peanut seed in the sweet potato kiln while L.C. Thomas, Louis Rohr and Comrade Hartman were sorting peanut seed in the south wing of the commissary building.

In April 1932 he, Bickle and Nichols were cleaning out the sweet potato kiln in preparation to fumigating it before that year's crop was stored in it.  

Other Info:

Post-Colony History:  

Death: He died from asthma on May 12, 1932 when he was just 41 years of age. He was buried in the New Llano Cemetery on May 15, 1932.  

Sources: US Census: 1900, 1910, 1920; WWI Draft Registration; "Llano Colonist": July 4, 1931, July 11, 1931, October 3, 1931, October 17, 1931, February 27, 1932, April 9, 1932, April 16, 1932, May 28, 1932, August 10, 1935  

Carl Bradshaw at Anacoco Creek.
Carl Bradshaw at Anacoco Creek.

Carl Bradshaw and Myrtle Kemp.
Carl Bradshaw and Myrtle Kemp.

Carl and Myrtle (Kemp) Bradshaw
Carl on left, Myrtle on right -- each with their home in background.

Carl Bradshaw"s grave at O'Banion Cemetery in New Llano, Louisiana. The top photo was taken soon after his death and shows the gardens around the cemetery. The bottom one is a current photo.

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