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"Saws are buzzing, wheels are turning, steam is puffing -- 'all is action, all is motion' in this Llano world of ours, and the driving force back of this action and motion is integral cooperation. In towns many times larger than ours it would be difficult to find so many industries so ably manned." Llano Colonist, May 3, 1930

The Llano Colony as I See It

Celebrating the Colony's Move to Louisiana 100 Years Ago

Episode 1: Introduction to New Llano Colony and Socialism at the Time --- 1/13/2017

Introduces the visitor to colony founder, Job Harriman, and some of the reasons for the growth of Socialism during the Industrial Age.

Episode 2: The Llano Colony in California --- 1/20/2017

Explains how the colony worked, the rapid growth experienced during the early California years, and the reasons for its relocation to Louisiana.

Episode 3: The Move to Louisiana --- 2/3/2017

Explores the difficulties faced by the colonists during the first years in Louisiana.

Episode 4: From "Stables" to "Newllano" --- 2/10/2017

Uncovers the successful establishment of most of the colony industries that would make the community one of the largest plantations in the state and introduces some of the leading colonists who made it happen.

Episode 5: Why They Came --- 2/23/2017
Investigates why so many people made the move to Newllano and experimented with the co-operative lifestyle. Also gives some of the reasons why so many left after only a short stay.

" has always been the intention of the colony to expand and take in groups and start units where certain things could be easily produced that were not easily produced in the home colony." Llano Colonist, October 17, 1931

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