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Ruth P. Wooley (Alternate spelling Woolley)

Birth: She was born in April 1922 in Ohio.  

Family Information: Daughter of Alonzo W. and Jennie Wooley.

Sister of Alonzo "Tot", Dannie, Jeanette, Ross and Joan Wooley.


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: In 1930 she was living in the colony with her mother and many of her siblings.  

Job in Colony: In 1933, she was among six girls who were assigned to work in the kitchen all summer -- Jane Lentz, Mae Gossett and Ruth would work one shift while Frances Roe, Hulda Mahler and Albertine Lennon worked the other, with each shift taking turns working mornings and afternoons, week by week. They would take care of the dishes, wash the tables and sweep the floors. Also, helping her mother peeling potatoes in the hotel kitchen.

In January 1936 Sarah Murray and Bondell Banta were the dinner cooks, also helping, along with Mrs. Matz and Jane Lentz to serve the meal. Cy Horney was the dishwasher, Lucille Carr the wiper, Mrs. Murray did the scraping and Ruth Wooley cleaned the silverware.  

Other Info: In 1932, became a Nature Guardian of Louisiana when she agreed to protect the birds, flowers, trees and other natural resources of the state against wanton destruction.

In 1932 she played the flute in the newly organized Junior Orchestra which was being organized and taught by Fred Hamel.

In September 1934 Mrs. Potter directed an Indian version of the Cinderella story at the colony theater featuring her son, Lloyd Potter, Ruth Wooley, Rozella Quipp, Wanda Ware, Jane Lentz and Lenin Tabb.

In May 1936 some of the frequent visitors at the colony pool were May Gossett, Joanne and Ruth Wooley, Isabel Page, Ione, Genevieve, Violet and Joy Quippp.  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 she was living in Indiana with her father and brother, Ross. In 1947 she married Joe G. Dungan in Jackson County, Missouri.  

Death: She died in October 2009, her last residence being in Missouri.  

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Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" dated March 31, 1934.

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