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Leo Frances (Loftin Watson) Page

Birth: She was born in 1898 in Louisiana.  

Family Information: Mother of Sylvester and Arlene Watson.

Married Chester Page while living in the colony and became step-mother to his children -- Curtis, George, Ralph, Jessie and Isabell Page.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1920 she and her first husband, Richard D. Watson, were living with their son in Sabine County, Texas. In 1930 she was widowed and living in Vernon Parish, Louisiana with her two children.  

Home in Colony: In January 1937 there was a re-shuffling of homes in the colony -- the Page family took a home, probably the largest residence in the colony, that had been vacated by Bill Brough who was alone, while the E.D. Carl family took the old Page home.  

Job in Colony: In 1933 she and Mrs. Cole were assistants to Mrs. Matz who was in charge of preparing the noon-day meal at the hotel. In April 1934 she and Mrs. Matz continued to prepare the dinner (lunchtime) meals there.

In January 1934 Chester Page and Mrs. Matz were preparing dinner with the help of Mrs. Mahler and Mrs. Watson.

In June 1934 Elsie Ogden and Iris Busick were in charge of the dinner meal which was served by Iris, Mrs. Watson and Crystal Schutz with Arlene Watson at the bread counter while Lafe Murray served the water.

In July 1934 she was working at the laundry, hanging out the wet clothes. In September 1934 Mrs. Ribbing and Vivian Crossland were doing the ironing while John Dougherty and Thelma Perkins hung clothing out to dry. Arlene Watson was sprinkling the clothes while Mrs. Hullinger and Mrs. Watson were busy helping all the others.

In November 1935 she was taking care of the rooms at the hotel. That same month she volunteered for extra evening work at the crate factory in order to fill an urgent order. Other volunteers included: Director Carl, Industrial Foreman Chet Page, editor and teacher Emery, Willie Brown, Mr. Jernberg and his son Elmer, Sylvester and Arlene Watson.

In July 1936 she began working at the laundry when Ed and Ida Cole began working in the gardens.

In October 1936 she was the foreman of the laundry crew along with Cy Horney, chief launderer; Charley Murray, his helper; Mattie Turner, Sarah Murray and Esther Brown, ironers; and Mrs. Hullinger, mangler. Cy also pressed the men's pants.

In December 1936 both she and Arlene were once again helping in the kitchen.

In October 1937 Horney, Mrs. Watson, Kerwin and Mrs. Turner were functioning as usual, being lucky enough to have steam to carry them through the two days of washing.

Other Info: In March 1934 Mrs. Watson, Sylvester, Arlene and Hulda Mahler took a trip to Evans, Louisiana to visit relatives of Mrs. Watson. While there they went to a singing, a box supper and a pie supper and Arlene visited the school that she'd once attended, but Hulda couldn't go because she had a sore foot making her unable to wear her shoes and she didn't want to go barefoot.

In April 1934 -- the scene at the hotel dining room included Chet Page changing the numbers on the line-up board; Motherly Mrs. Wright wiping the trays, handing one out to each in the dinner line; colonists filling food tins for those at home. The girls and boys behind the counter; Mrs. Watson and Sylvester forking out spuds, boiled or baked; those nice kids filling glasses of water and shuffling stacks of cornbread. Mrs. Matz grinning over her 20-gallon pot of fine Hungarian soup; Mary Fay keeping her braids out of the gravy as she twirled in the serving line; and Lafe Murray, assistant chef, snipping off scraps of meat and getting the tip nipped off his finger for punishment.

In April 1935 she and Arlene gave two pleasing numbers at one of the theater productions. In November 1935 she volunteered to help with an urgent order at the crate shed where she helped nail up all the crate ends.

Post-Colony History: In 1940 she was living in a home in the unincorporated New Llano, Louisiana (site of the old colony) with her second husband, Chet and her two children while he worked as an operator on a farm.  

Death: She died in 1962 at Alexandria, Louisiana and was buried at Evans Cemetery in Evans, Louisiana.  

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