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Carl Van Buskirk


Family Information: He married Madeline Bradshaw while living in the colony.

In April 1933 it was reported that he and Madeline were the parents of a fine new boy -- Donald Ray Van Buskirk.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: In 1934 the family were living at the Gila, New Mexico unit of the colony.  

Job in Colony: In 1930 he was driving a truck and trailer, hauling logs in to the sawmill.

In February 1932 he was cutting firewood with a moveable cut-off saw near the hotel and making hangers for the boiler that was to be placed at the sawmill. He also helped with tearing down the old sawmill which had occupied the place of honor in the colony's front yard for many years. The sawmill was to be moved to the industrial site on the east side of the tracks.

He left his job at the ice plant in October 1933 and in November 1933 it was noted that Carl was "driving a team of bronchos instead of an ice wagon and, like Skinner, has all kinds of jobs -- the Van Buskirk family had gone to the Gila location to live and work. 

Other Info: He played second base during a game in August 1931 at Alco -- the "Llano Nine" for that game consisted of Red Richey at pitcher, Dub Killian at catcher, Leon Caves at first base, Carl at second, Bill Beavers at third, "Tip" Allred at shortstop, Doc Reynolds at left field, Milton Maki at center field and Clarence Shutt in right field. The boys declared it was a rotten game.  

Post-Colony History:  


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