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Clifford "Tiny" Synoground

Birth: He was born in 1911 in California.  

Family Information: Son of Ole and Lillie Synoground.

Brother of Ruby, Mabel, Laura and Buddy Synoground.  

Description: In 1937, Clifford stood 6'1" and weighed 232 pounds, "typical son of giant Ole".  

Pre-Colony History: He arrived, with his parents and sisters, at the colony in 1918 and was one of the members of the colony when George T. Pickett was first named General Manager.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In April of 1922 he was part of a group of students who worked in the garden along with Emma Kapotsy, Bennett Babb, Dover Cryer, Roscoe Busick, Fred Busick, Harold Kemp, Dawson Cryer, Charles Lee, Brooks Merrel and Max Beavers.  

Other Info:

Post-Colony History: In June 1928 he spent a weekend visit in the colony.

In 1930 he (and his wife) were living in Chicago with the Wm. J. Beavers family and Clarence Shutt, where he worked as a paint mixer for a paint manufacturing company.

He visited the colony in 1937 with his wife, Bernice, and their two children -- Clif, Jr., "blonde as can be", and Donna, "a brunette". He was reported to have a fine position with the DuPont Paint Company in Chicago.

In 1940 he was still living in Chicago with his wife and children while he continued to work as a paint mixer.

At some point before 1956 the family moved to Washington where Bernice died. He re-married in 1969 to Mildred Wendland.  

Death: He died in 1972 at Washington and was buried next to his first wife, Bernice.  

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Synoground family (sitting) Lillie Synoground (middle row L to R) Ruby, Laura and Mabel Synoground (back row L to R) Clifford and Ole Synoground.

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