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Otto Swanson


Family Information: He was married to Mrs. Swanson.

Father of five children -- four girls and one boy. In 1935, the eldest daughter had clerked in stores and cared for children; the son liked mechanical work and had done some farming; the younger girls had some experience in school theatricals.  


Pre-Colony History: He joined the colony during the California years and made the move to Newllano, Louisiana with the body of colonists, riding in the auto caravan with Joe Valek and John Will.  

Home in Colony: In 1935 the Swanson's were living in a house on the road which leads westward to the farm (today's Stanton St.) and eventually to the Sabine River. The home was near the new dairy barn, on high ground giving a long range view to the east.  

Job in Colony: He was the dairyman in California and upon his return in 1935 took over the dairy here.  

Other Info: The Swanson family were colonists in California and made the move to Louisiana on the chartered train. They were a little taken aback by the wet, foggy pine woods all around. It being only a few days before Christmas, the weather was dull, damp and cloudy and all the old shacks and wood lying around made the site smell "kind of rotten." At some point soon after their arrival, the Swansons left the colony, but returned in 1935 to find everything much improved.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": January 21, 1933 (Early Days in California), February 25, 1933 (Story of Llano), February 16, 1935  


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