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Will Anna Skinner

Birth: She was born around 1871 at Iowa.

Family Information: Sister of E.I. Hiatt.

Mother of James Skinner.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1880 she was living with her parents and siblings at Iowa.

In 1900 she was living in Iowa with her husband who worked as a cement molder.

In 1910 she was living with her husband and sons in Okmulgee, Oklahoma and working as a seamster for a dressmaker.

In 1920 she was living in Waco, Texas with her husband, son James, and two boarders.

In 1930 she was living with her son, James, and one boarder in Los Angeles, California, and she was listed as divorced.

She and her son, James, arrived in the colony -- from Los Angeles, California -- some time before June 1931.  

Home in Colony:   

Job in Colony: In June 1931 -- soon after her arrival -- she was making herself very useful at the cannery. In September 1931 she and Martha Dougherty were up to their elbows in tomato pans.

In October 1931 and February 1932 she was working in the hotel dining room.

In December 1932 she was working in the laundry -- "running the washing machine when it wasn't running her." She explained it took an hour and five minutes to run every washer full of clothes, starting with a cold rinse, then a suds water, then two hot rinse waters, then another suds, then two more hot rinses -- then she gave them to Lyle Layer to extract what water was left.

In March 1934 she was helping to look after the elderly women in the colony during the morning shift; one of the high school girls, Nona Crotts, helped in the afternoons.

Other Info: In October 1931 she attended George Pickett's birthday party at the Roof Garden.

In 1932 she, along with many other colonists, signed a protest against colonists E.G. Webb and Walter Groth remaining in the colony "to save them".

Post-Colony History:  


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