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Carl Schutz

Birth: He was born around 1875 in Munden i Waldeck, Germany.  

Family Information: He married Jane Schutz in 1904 in Nebraska.

Father of Alvin, Ethel, Vina and Chrystal Schutz.  

Description: On his naturalization application dated October 5, 1937 he was described as having a fair complexion with gray eyes and black hair; 5'7" tall and weight 130 pounds.  

Pre-Colony History: He arrived at Philladelphia, Pennsylvania in 1894 aboard the SS Pennsylvania.

In 1910 he was living with his wife and two children in Nebraska.

In 1930 the family was living at Longville, Louisiana, neighbors of the Paul Giltner family.

They came to make their home in the colony in March 1932 with a truck load of furniture. Soon after their arrival, Carl and Warren Fread left for Longville to bring back a big load of miscellaneous farm equipment, wagon, etc. which he had turned over to the colony. They had already turned in more than a mile of woven and barbed wire fencing.  

Home in Colony: Moved into the Hoag unit after their arrival.

Job in Colony: Mr. Schutz ran the farm work at the Hoag unit.

In 1935 he was putting up fencing, turning over his land and making considerable preparations for general gardening. He stated that to his way of thinking, oxen were much more practicable than horses and mules for farming -- they could find their own living on the grasses to be found in the pine woods and subsist on food on which horses and mules would starve. He summed his thoughts on farming up -- "to farm one must learn the silent language of nature."  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: In 1937 he submitted his application for naturalization. In 1940 he and Jane were living in Vernon Parish, Louisiana and he'd completed the naturalization process.  

Death: He died in April 1952 at the Younger Infirmary at Leesville, Louisiana. Funeral services were held at the graveside in the New Llano Cemetery with the Rev. O.M. Greer officiating. He was survived by his son living in Kansas and three daughters living in DeRidder, Louisiana.  

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Carl Schutz on his Louisiana Naturalization Record application.

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