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Dave Rice


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Pre-Colony History:  

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Job in Colony: He was the crate factory foreman; in August 1935 he was helping  to fill an order at the crate factory by pulling the logs from the steaming vat up into the building which housed the veneer machine that turned the logs round and round and shaved off the thin sheets of wood and sliced those sheets into slats.

Also in August 1935 he was night watchman at the print shop one night when Emery, Billick and Bauer worked late to get the "Democrat" out with some special effects to the front page. Next day he claimed that he was the one who'd worked, trying to make enough coffee to keep up with their appetites.  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: He left the colony around October 1935.

In November, 1935, he wrote a letter to colonists describing how pleased he was with his new Massachusetts farm. The owner had furnished them with much more equipment than had been bargained for. Also, a friend had loaned them a Chickering grand piano.  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": August 10, 1935, August 24, 1935, October 19, 1935, November 16, 1935  


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