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Cora Potter

Birth: She was born around 1879 in New York.  

Family Information: Wife of Edwin Potter.

Mother of Lloyd and Amy Potter.  

Description: In 1933 she was an "expert stenographer and typist, a garden enthusiast and interested in child welfare work."  

Pre-Colony History: In 1905 and 1910 she was living with her husband and children in New York. In 1920 she and her children were living in Alabama where she worked as a school teacher. In 1930 she was living in Washington, D.C. with her husband.

In September 1930 she came to the colony from Washington, D.C. with her husband and son to visit the colony. They had entertained the Pickett family in their home while the later were in Washington and now came to see what it was all about.

At that time she must have returned to Washington with her husband because she arrived again from Washington, D.C. in June 1933 to join her son and make her home in the colony, arriving in time for the Saturday night dance, where she had an excellent opportunity for making new acquaintances and renewing some of those made on a visit to the colony three years ago.  

Home in Colony: In September 1933 Lloyd was busy preparing the new quarters for himself and his mother at the "Bide-A-Wee cottage". 

Job in Colony: In July 1933 she was working in the Kid Kolony gardens with Ware, Dr. Cecil, Mrs. Van Nuland and Chrystal Schutz.

In 1934 Mrs. Glavincheff served as president of the Parent-Teachers Association. Other officers included: Nick Lentz, vice-president and Professor Brown, secretary. On the program committee were Superintendent Lewis, Mrs. Lentz and Mrs. Potter.

Other Info: In June 1934 she directed "The Lost Child", a fairy play, at the colony theater.

In August 1933 she and her son were invited to the 35th wedding anniversary celebration of Drs. Robert K. and Cecil Williams.

In April 1934 she, Professor Lewis and Myrtle Bradshaw performed a skit titled "Suppressed Desires", a by-play on fanatical devotion to Psychoanalysis. That same month she was "grubbing in her garden."

In September 1934 Mrs. Potter directed an Indian version of the Cinderella story at the colony theater featuring her son, Lloyd, Ruth Wooley, Rozella Quipp, Wanda Ware, Jane Lentz and Lenin Tabb.

Post-Colony History: In September 1934 her husband arrived "on a short vacation from Washington, D.C. and to take Cora back with him for her vacation." A week later the couple, along with their son, Lloyd, left for Dallas, Texas; Mena, Arkansas; and other points north and east.

In 1940 she was living in Washington, D.C. with her husband.  


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