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W.H. Peterson


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Job in Colony: He was an expert rabbit breeder in the California colony.

In May 1930 Maxine Palmer helped the Mesdames Oberleitner, Hewett, Kimball, Hardy, and Lacefield; the Misses Lois Thompson, Bonnie Mason, Florence Case and Rhea Mae Baldwin; and the Messrs. Petersen, Wichman and DeBoer serve dinner under the direction of Mrs. Walter Fread.

In October 1930 he was on the crew turning logs into lumber as rapidly as the saw mill would cut it. Other colonists on the crew were Comrade Haering, Comrade Stevens, George and Fred Jensen, Shepherd, Jesse Armacost, John Armacost, Jr., Wilkerson and Ernest Kimball.

Other Info: He gave instrumental lessons to other colonists in his studio.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": May 3, 1930, May 17, 1930, January 21, 1933 (Early Days in California)  


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