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Roy Chester Peecher

Birth: He was born in 1927 at Illinois.  

Family Information: Son of Chester R. and Florine Peecher.

Brother of Robert, Frances, Carl and Lyndle Peecher.

Grand-son of Frank Peecher.

Nephew of Vera Peecher and cousin of her children, Richard and Dortha Peecher.


Pre-Colony History: The family came to live in the colony in 1930.  

Home in Colony: In 1930 and 1935 the family was living in the Newllano Colony -- in 1930 Chester's father, Frank: his sister, Vera; and her children were living with them there.

Job in Colony: In August 1935, he was part of a crew of boys putting together the crates and running the nailer as they worked to fill an order at the crate factory.

Later that month, when he graduated to first grade, he and his brother, Carl, began helping Mrs. Lewis fill the wood box at the Kid Kolony.  

Other Info: In March 1934 Mr. Lewis, Dr. Cecil and Mrs. Fay took the first graders including: Joan Wooley, Opal Ogden, Violet Quipp, Blair Pickett, Roy Peecher, Martha Mahler and Martha Lentz to Leesville to give a demonstration of their singing to an audience that included around twenty-five Leesville teachers plus Superintendent Honeycotte.

Each child stood and introduced themselves as they did each morning, with name, address and rule. For example: My name is ...; I live in Newllano (Noo-yah-no); Vernon Parish, Louisiana, on Highway 171; My rule is the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Mrs. Harlow-Fay then demonstrated her method of teaching with the children.

In 1935 he was a student in Mrs. Lentz's (south) school building, along with sister, Frances and brother, Robert Peecher and others.

In 1936 he was a part of the "Night Before Christmas" program presented at the Llano theater under the direction of Mrs. Lentz.  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 the family was living in a home in the unincorporated New Llano, Louisiana (site of the old colony).

In 1988, 1995, 1996 and 1997 he was living in Tampa, Florida. In 2010 he was living in Land O'Lakes, Florida.

Death: He died in 2015 at Land O'Lakes, Florida and was buried in Florida National Cemetery at Bushnell, Florida.

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Kindergarten Picnic, East of Pickett Home -- (L to R) Back: Ruby Nesnow, Bertie Mitchel, G.T. Pickett, Walt Fread, a visitor, Theo Cuno, Alice Pickett, Myrtle Kemp; Middle: Martha Lentz, Roy Peecher, Blair Pickett, Violet Quipp, Ruth Loutrel, Joan Wooley, Maurice Nesnow, Martha Mahler, Betty Perkins, Warren Fread; Sitting in Front: Carl Peecher, Carolyn Bradshaw, Joy Quipp, Jack De Fausell, Joe Nesnow, Esther Mahler, George Ogden.

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