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Alfred Palmer (Alternate spelling Alford)

Birth: He was born around 1919 in Nebraska.  

Family Information: Son of Curtis and Mary Palmer.

Brother of Ted, Maxine, Jesse, Marie, Lue and baby Lile Palmer.  


Pre-Colony History: He first came to the colony in October 1929 with his parents and siblings and there were a lot of them -- possibly 10-11 in the group. They arrived in a covered truck which might be called a house, that Comrade Palmer had built for himself.

In 1932, the Palmer family is reported to have returned to the colony after having left almost two years before -- this time the group included the parents and six children. They came from Minnesota.  

Home in Colony: In May 1930 the family moved to one of the poultry farms.  

Job in Colony: Helped out with various farm work. In March 1930 he and brother Jesse were helping first Roedemeister then Mrs. Wooley plant the Kid Kolony gardens. 

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": November 2, 1929, March 22, 1930, May 3, 1930, November 12, 1932; US Census: 1930


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