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Chester "Curtis" Page, Jr.  

Birth: He was born in 1908 at Mexico.  

Family Information: Son of Marie and Chester "Chet" Page.

Step-son of Leo Francis (Loftin Watson) Page.

Brother of George, Ralph, Jessie and Isabell Page.

Granddaughter of Susan Page

Description: On his draft registration card dated October 16, 1940, he was described as being 5'6", weight 140 pounds with a light complexion, brown eyes and black hair.  

Pre-Colony History: In 1920 and 1930 he was living with his parents in California.

The family had been early members in the California Colony. They arrived in the Louisiana colony in July 1933 after having spent some time at the Gila location.  

Home in Colony: In January 1937 there was a re-shuffling of homes in the colony -- the Page family took a home, probably the largest residence in the colony, that had been vacated by Bill Brough who was alone, while the E.D. Carl family took theirs.  

Job in Colony:  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 he was living in California.  

Death: He died in 1999.  

Sources: US Census: 1920, 1930; "Llano Colonist": July 29, 1933, January 30, 1937; Draft Registration Cards: WWII; US SSDI  


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