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Elsie Ogden


Family Information: Married to Archibald Ogden.

Mother of Raymond, Archie, Ernest, William, and Opal Ogden.

Step-mother of Winnie (Ogden) Dougherty (plus more who never lived in the colony.)  


Pre-Colony History: In 1920 she was living in Arkansas with her husband, Archibald, and their children. In 1930 the family was living in Oklahoma with three of the children listed in 1920, plus four additional ones.

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In April 1933 Cy Horney, as Commander-in-Chief, with Mesdames Ogden, Maki, Neill, and Mademoiselle Maki were serving a bountiful breakfast of pancakes, cereals, and more.

In January and April 1934 she and Nona Crotts were preparing the supper (evening) meal at the hotel dining room -- in January it was due to the absence of Mrs. Richter who was nursing a bad foot.

In June she and Iris Busick were in charge of the dinner meal which was served by Iris, Mrs. Watson and Crystal Schutz with Arlene Watson at the bread counter while Lafe Murray served the water.

In 1936 Harry Morgan was in charge of the laundry and his helpers included Mrs. Clark, Katie Belle and Ila Goans, Mrs. Ribbing, Mrs. Ogden and Mrs. Swilley

Other Info: In December 1934 Amos and Andy lived again for twenty minutes in the Open Air Taxi Cab company garage with Walter Robison as Andy and Archie Ogden as Amos, Ernest as "Lightnin" and Jack Barnett as "Kingfish." Mrs. Ogden took the part of Madame Queen and the fun was quite agreeable to all.

She sang in the choir at Gus Kretzschmar's funeral in December 1934.

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: US Census: 1920, 1930; "Llano Colonist": April 29, 1933, January 20, 1934, April 7, 1934, June 30, 1934, December 8, 1934, December 22, 1934, January 18, 1936  


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