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Alta Needham


Family Information: Wife of Oscar Needham.

Niece of Emma Ridgeway. In June 1935 her aunt, Emma Ridgeway spent a night with her while Oscar was on a visit up North.  


Pre-Colony History: She and her husband came from Valparaiso, Indiana to join the colony.  

Home in Colony: In August 1935 she and Oscar were expected to move into the recently vacated Thelma Perkins house. Apparently they had been living in the Hardy's home and the Hardy's were expected to return soon from their extended western vacation.  

Job in Colony: In 1933 she was helping out in the cannery where more than one hundred cans of foodstuffs were put up for outside customers in one day. Also helping in the hotel kitchen to prepare meals and wash dishes.

In the fall of 1933, both she and her husband were placed in charge of the fifth, sixth and seventh grades at the school.

In March 1934 was training to replace Ruth Shoemaker as librarian. She remained at that post until her departure from the colony in the fall of 1935.

Other Info: In 1933, she and her aunt, Emma Ridgeway, were working together on a quilt. In 1934 she and her husband were guests for the Christmas dinner at the Kid Kolony.

Post-Colony History: Mr. and Mrs. Needham left the colony for parts unknown on September 25, 1935.  


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