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Harold Mathewson


Family Information:  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: He lived in the California colony during the early years.  

Job in Colony: In his teens he built a waterwheel of his own design at the California colony. Also, along with his classmates, put up an adobe clubhouse for the colony boys.  

Other Info: He remembered that whenever Job Harriman visited the colony, he shared the tent of Mildred Buxton. According to Mathewson, the relationship was common knowledge among the colonists; when Harriman contracted pneumonia in 1915, he recuperated in Buxton's tent under her ministrations.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Bread and Hyacinths; The Rise and Fall of Utopian Los Angeles" by Paul Greenstein, Nigey Lennon and Lionel Rolfe  


Photo of boys building clubhouse at Llano, California.

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