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Sarah Maltby

Birth: She was born around 1860 in Virginia.  

Family Information: Wife of Willie Maltby.  

Description: In 1934 she was described as a "country-woman wife who looked like Queen Victoria, short and dumpy."  

Pre-Colony History: Around 1928 the Maltby's became convinced they would enjoy the colony's social life and could perhaps produce more poultry for the colonists than in the old-fashioned way of "everyone for himself." So he crated up his flocks and packed up his household goods in preparation for the move. Mrs. Maltby was in the yard when she discovered their house was on fire. The blaze was so quick that nothing inside the house could be saved so they started to Llano with far less than they should have had. However you never heard a wail of complaint from them.  

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Sources: US Census: 1930; "Llano Colonist": June 30, 1934  


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