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Esther Mahler

Birth: She was born in 1930 at Michigan.  

Family Information: Daughter of Ludwig "Louis" and Mrs. Hulda Mahler.

Sister of Hulda, Wayne, Carl, Martha and Joe Ann Mahler.  


Pre-Colony History: In April 1932 the family came to the colony from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

Home in Colony: In May 1932 the family were living in a house recently vacated by the Kilroy family.

In April 1934 she, her mother and two sisters went to the Gila unit to join her father and two brothers. 

Job in Colony: In May 1934 she and her mother took over the dinner shift at the Gila, New Mexico unit.

Most evenings in June 1934 she and her sisters entertained Donald Ray, son of Madeline and Carl Van Buskirk, while his mother and her aunt, Opal Layer, prepared the evening meal. Sometimes they played the Victrola to keep him happy.

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: In March 1936 the Mahler family were the only colonists left at the one-time Gila unit, the people having scattered to the 4 winds as best they could. Mr. Mahler has so far succeeded in finding enough employment to keep them in the same location.

In 1940 she was living in New Mexico with her parents and siblings.  

Death: She died in 1998 -- her last residence was in Tyrone, New Mexico. She was buried at Silver City, New Mexico.  

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Kindergarten Picnic, East of Pickett Home -- (L to R) Back: Ruby Nesnow, Bertie Mitchel, G.T. Pickett, Walt Fread, a visitor, Theo Cuno, Alice Pickett, Myrtle Kemp; Middle: Martha Lentz, Roy Peecher, Blair Pickett, Violet Quipp, Ruth Loutrel, Joan Wooley, Maurice Nesnow, Martha Mahler, Betty Perkins, Warren Fread; Sitting in Front: Carl Peecher, Carolyn Bradshaw, Joy Quipp, Jack De Fausell, Joe Nesnow, Esther Mahler, George Ogden.

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