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Ed Loupe

Birth: He was born in 1901 in New York.  

Family Information: Married Ivy Young , October 11, 1931, while living in the colony.  


Pre-Colony History: He drove from Chicago to the colony in May, 1930 along with Comrade Stevens and settled down to co-operative life.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In September 1931 he was working at the cannery, under charge of Mrs. Walter Fread, canning pears on shares.

In 1932 he was working on Llano Number 1 oil well.  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 he was living in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, and parents-in-law -- Sidney and Lily Young -- while working on a water project.  

Death: He died in 1985 at Calaveras, California.  

Sources: Family sources; "Vernon Parish Democrat": May 8, 1930; "Llano Colonist": September 12, 1931, September 19, 1931, July 9, 1932; 1940 US Census; California Death Index  


Standing (L to R) Howard Young, Flora Young, George Campbell (soon to marry Flora), George Pickett, Ivy Young (bride), Alice Pickett, Ed Loupe (groom), Unknown, Dr. R.K. Williams, Dr. Cecil Williams; Sitting (L to R) Unknown, Sidney Young, Lily Young, Unknown (possibly Carl Gleeser).

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