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Marjory "Margie" Lewis

Birth: She was born around 1909 in Maryland.  

Family Information: Daughter of H. Claude and Ella Lewis.

Sister of Mildred, Jasmine, Belden and Afton Lewis.

Niece of Miss Lou Lewis


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 she was living in Maryland with her parents and siblings, along with her grandmother, Eppie and aunt Elizabeth "Lou". At the time her father was working as a chemist in a laboratory.

In 1920 the family lived in Utah while her father worked as Superintendent of Iron County schools. In 1930 she and sister, Margie, were lodging with Grace Brian in Utah.

In December 1932 she arrived in the colony along with her mother, sister Jasmine, and aunt Lou in a Studebaker sedan driven by Gordon Pickett. The car had been donated to the colony by George Bancroft of Portland, Oregon and young Gordon was sent to pick up the car and on the return trip to collect the Lewis family from Salt Lake City.  

Home in Colony: On their arrival the family moved into the house previuosly occupied by George Pickett. The old place was vacant for only about an hour before the Lewis' were seen carrying in their household goods. 

Job in Colony: In January 1933 Marjory and Eugene Swenson used Caroline Bradshaw's little wagon to take a load of greens and vegetables to the Kid Kolony.

In April 1933 she and Elsa Gaylord were assisting Mrs. Lewis with the Kid Kolony housekeeping and cafeteria. In addition to her household duties, she taught aesthetic dancing.  

Other Info: Soon after their arrival, she and Jasmine made dozens of cute peanut men -- the head, body, arms and legs were whole peanuts fastened together with thread, to use in the Christmas decorations at the Kid Kolony dining room.

In January 1933 Doc Williams was planning a Gypsy Program for the theater; Sidney and Ethel Archer were helping him work it out "while the fiddles and etycetery were plinging and a plunking at the roof garden." Lloyd Potter, Gordon Pickett and Margaret (sic) and Jasmine Lewis were practicing the steps for Mrs. Archer's act.

In August 1933 she was invited to the 35th wedding anniversary celebration of Dr. Robert K. and Cecil Williams.  

Post-Colony History:  


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