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Afton Lewis

Birth: She was born in 1918 at Utah.  

Family Information: Daughter of H. Claude and Ella Lewis.

Sister of Mildred, Jasmine, Marjory and Belden Lewis.

Niece of Miss Lou Lewis.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1920 she was living in Utah with her parents and siblings while her father worked as Superintendent of Iron County schools.

In 1930 she, her mother and Belden were living in Utah with her sister (Mildred) and brother-in-law and their two children.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In April 1934 she was studying shorthand and typing and was getting plenty of practice doing clerical work for her father.

In July 1934 the regular crew at the print shop included: Lloyd Potter, Harold and Mary Emery, Ben Low, Roy MacDonald, Anna Loutrel, George Leevey, Afton Lewis, Howard Stansbury, Mr. Ranft and Irene Hewitt.

Esther Allen, Mrs. Weatherwax and Bertha Richter helped out on the "Colonist" and "Democrat" days, plus both DeForest and Marvin Sanford could be seen there a good share of the time.

In 1934, she was among a group of high school girls including Iris Busick, Margaret Brough, Nona Crotts, Vivian Crossland, Erma Hayes, Rhea Mae Baldwin, Irene and Myrtle Maki, Crystal Schutz, Jeannette Woolley and May Gossett who reported to the orchard to help with berry picking.  

Other Info: She often performed in theater programs -- in November 1933 she gave a sensational performance in "Jungle Phantasy" with her semi-nude dance. Her body was covered with gold paint, which when seen under the vari-colored lights thrown upon her by Home Loutrel from the projection booth, gave the impression of a golden statue come to life.

In March 1934 the High School assembly elected for the new student body officers: Vivian Crossland, President; Iris Busick, Vice-President; Afton Lewis, Reporter; and Rhea Baldwin, Jeanette Woolley, Irene Maki, Program Committee.

In May 1934 she and both her parents attended a party at the home of Frank Brough where Afton gave a Spanish dance which helped very much in the entertainment.

In June 1934 she and Lloyd Potter performed a one-act play -- "A Pair of Lunatics" -- both did a credible job of acting and captured the heart of the audience. Later in the show she performed a "Danse Orientale" during which she conveyed an atmosphere of exotic sensuousness.  

Post-Colony History: She married William D. Pfeifer in 1942 at Pierce, Washington.  

Death: She died in 1998 in Washington and was buried at Cedar City, Utah..  

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Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" dated January 19, 1935 and signed by Afton Lewis.

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