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Job in Colony: In May 1928 Cuno reported that "irrigating the ricefields at this Llano-Elton Ranch is now progressing at full speed of our rotary pump, driven by a powerful steam-engine, the boiler for supplying the steam being fired all day and all night by Leonard, Shipman and Baldwin who are taking turns at shifts varying from eight to fourteen hours. The self-sacrificing spirit of these brave comrades is really wonderful to behold."

In September 1928 the work in the Rice Ranch vegetable gardens and orchards proceeded with Harold Kemp operating the tractor and 28 disc harrow, Leonard and Ben Roe ploughing and planting Irish potatoes, and Shipman hauling and spreading fertilizer. Robert Roe and Roy Swenson helped out where they could. Condon took a trip to Newllano, leaving Mrs. Swenson to perform her household duties without an assistant.

In May 1929 Maxwell doctored up the giant rotary pump at the Rice Ranch which then "spouted such a tremendous mouthful of water that the banks of the irrigation canal would have overflowed had not Leonard, Shipman, Brannon and others banked them up and compelled the flow to run where we want[ed] it to run."

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Sources: "Llano Colonist": May 26, 1928, July 7, 1928, September 22, 1928, May 18, 1929   


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