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Victor Klette

Birth: Born around 1921 in Illinois. Died 2007 in California.  

Family Information: Son of Sam Klette.

Brother of Dorothy Klette -- both are mentioned as arriving with him in 1929 (along with a bushel of sweet clover, six fine milk goats and a number of fat, black and white Moscovite ducks). Another brother, Gene, is mentioned as arriving with his mother for a visit in July 1931. 


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: In June of 1930 R.V. Shoemaker and sons were putting a French Mansard roof on a bungalow for the Klette family. 

Job in Colony: In 1930 he was making himself useful in garden, orchard and fields. Also, was watching the older boys work at the dairy and cow stables as an observant and eager future co-operating farmer and milkman.  

Other Info: In October 1930 he and Royal Thompson found a baby calf that was hidden away in the brush at the Rice Ranch.    

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": May 10, 1930, August 16, 1930, October 11, 1930; U.S. SSDI  


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