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Ruth Kittle

Birth: She was born in 1915 at Ohio.  

Family Information: Daughter of Robert "Bob" Kittle.

Sister of Stella, Robert, Carl, Virginia, Gladys and Donald Kittle.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1930 she was living in Kentucky with her father and siblings.

Mr. Kittle arrived in the colony in September 1930, with "quite a bunch of youngsters" -- they had come from Kentucky in an auto. He informed the colonists that where he came from cows were selling for a dollar a head.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In September and November 1930 she was helping on the morning shift at the candy shop and attending school in the afternoon. As part of her job she helped Florence Hamel make up a batch of fondant.

In January 1931 Mrs. Hamel and Mrs. Powers, Lasky, Winnie Ogden, Ruth Kittle, Melvine Hullinger, Sylvia Tuber and Dad Bradshaw were rushing the candy work, making boxes, and finishing up the Christmas trade. Mrs. Hamel reported that more than $100 worth of candy had been shipped out that week.

In May 1931 the dining room girls were Gladys Wilkerson, Florence Case, Ruth and Stella Kittle and Melvina Hullinger and they saw that the tables were made and kept clean and shiny.

In June 1931 the midday meal was prepared and served by the Mesdames Lentz, Long, White, Corbett, Nesnow, Parsons, Hardy, Joynes and the Misses Stella Kittle, Bays and Caves. Frances Wilkerson and Virginia and Ruth Kittle gathered the trays which Mrs. Wright was kept busy wiping for repeated service.  

Other Info: In November 1930 she was part of the re-organized Girls Glee Club which included: Florence Aiton, Nellie Bradshaw, Verda Bradshaw, Madeline Van Buskirk, Ethel Clark, Zelma De Faussell, Gladys Kimball, Ruth Kittle, Hope Shoemaker, Ruth Shoemaker, Laura Synoground, Dorothy Thompson, Sylvia Tuber and Ruby Nesnow, pianiste.

In June 1931 the Kittle family and Comrade Hiatt gave an exhibition of the square dance much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Also Robert, Jr. entertained with three numbers on his guitar while his father demonstrated a "clog".  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 she was living in Kentucky with her husband, Thomas Ferrell who was a truck driver for a wholesale grocery.  

Death: She died in 2002 at Kentucky and was buried at Kirby Flats Cemetery in Ashland, Kentucky.

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