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John "Charles" Kimball

Birth: Born around 1875 in Mississippi.  

Family Information: Husband of Anna (Shipman) Kimball.

Father of Ernest and Gladys (Kimball) Thomas.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1920 he was living with his wife, their three children, and his mother-in-law (M.A. Shipman), in Orange, Texas.  

Home in Colony: In 1930 he was living in the colony with his wife, their two younger children, and her brother.  

Job in Colony: In 1929 Shipman and Kimball, Baldwin and Brannon planted Irish potatoes on the large plot west and north of the vegetable garden where Duckett has been cultivating and planting sweet potatoes in the new hotbeds.

In 1930 was working as a farmer in the colony. In early 1932 he, along with B. Bartlett, Doug Bridger, John Lukko and Leo Roscoe were working as carpenters on the building jobs. 

Other Info: In 1929 his eldest son, Buel, and his pretty bride of a year, Mrs. Billie, visited him in the colony. They traveled 1180 miles from the oil fields of Wink, Texas to visit the family, bringing with them Mrs. A.G. Courmier of Orange, Texas who turned out to be an old sweetheart of "Uncle Will's".  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: US Census: 1920, 1930; Llano Colonist: April 13, 1929,  May 18, 1929, February 20, 1932  


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