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Theodora Jaufroid

Birth: She was born around 1867 at Louisiana.  

Family Information: Mother of Dora (Jaufroid) Adams, Charles Jaufroid, Eveline Jaufroid and adopted mother of Louise Jaufroid.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1900 and 1920 she was living in Louisiana with her husband and four children. In 1930 she was still living in Covington, Louisiana  with her children, but now listed as widowed and with an adopted daughter, Louise.

She and her family came to the colony in August 1931. They were brought in by Miss S.J. Reader, a teacher of the Sophie Wright High School of New Orleans. Miss Reeder was a staunch believer in the Llano movement and as a kind friend of the Jaufroids and Mrs. Adams made possible their trip to Llano and generously used her new car and paid all expenses as her donation to the good work.  

Home in Colony: In October 1931 Charles was building sleeping porches on the house occupied by the family, located north of the Banta residence.

Also in October 1931 Larson and Shorty Barrett were working to finish the roof on the Jaufroid house which had been "gaping to the sky" for several days. The rush was occasioned on account of the rainy appearance of the sky.  

Job in Colony:  

Other Info: In August 1931 she contributed a beautiful piece of hand-woven tapestry for the new home being built for the George Pickett family.

In February 1932 Sam Klette took Bernie Stevens back to the Rice Ranch. Along with him were Mrs. Jaufroid, Louise Jaufroid, Mrs. Adams, Phillip Ellison and young Robert Roe. The Jaufroid family was going to Covington, Louisiana, where their furniture had been stored; the furniture would be brought back to the colony by Sam, though Mrs. Jaufroid and Phillip would stay for awhile to visit friends.  

Post-Colony History: In June 1932 she was living in Covington, Louisiana, but returned to the colony for a visit of several days. Accompanying her were several educators from New Orleans who also stayed in the colony for several days in order to absorb some of the atmosphere of cooperation as practiced in Llano.

In 1940 she was living in Covington, Louisiana with her daughter, Eveline Miller, and her adopted daughter, Louise, now listed as Louise Miller.  

Death: She died in 1947 at St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana  

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