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Chester Jaques

Birth: He was born in 1920 in California.  

Family Information: Son of Albert and Rachel Jaques.

Brother of Eleanor, Rachel Mary, Alice, Albert Jr., Frank and Ida Jaques.  

Description: In 1941 on his WWII Draft Registration it was recorded that he had a ruddy complexion with gray eyes and brown hair. In 1942 when he was enlisted he was 69" tall and weighed 173 pounds. At that time he had two years of college.  

Pre-Colony History: The family came from California to the colony in October 1921. His father had been paying on their membership for several years, so they were paid in full when they arrived.  

Home in Colony: The family lived in the main colony at Newllano for at least two years, as there are several mentions of the family at the Montessori school, in theater productions, helping out at the hotel, etc.

They later lived at the colony Rice Ranch. 

Job in Colony:  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: The family left for unknown reasons sometime before 1926, moving first to Kinder then to the Senator Odom Pecan Farm at some point before his father and brother's death.

According to family sources, his mother was asked to leave the farm following Albert's death, so she and her five surviving  children drove across the United States in either a Model A or Model T Ford, over questionable roads and alone. On the trip, Rachel supported her family by working as a housekeeper and seamstress.

In 1930 and 1940 he was living in California with his mother. He registered for the draft in July 1941 while employed at Lockheed Aircraft Corp. and was enlisted in the US Army Air Corps as an Aviation Cadet in January 1942.  

Death: He died in 1943 over the Scharhorn Islands located about 10 miles off the German coast.  

Sources: Family Information: Photos and information by Deborah Lovel Bryner (All Rights Reserved: Published here with permission); California Birth Index; "Vernon Parish Democrat": October 6, 1921; US Census: 1930, 1940; WWII Draft Registration Card; WWII Army Enlistment Records; US Roster of WWII Dead  


The Jaques family at the Rice Ranch, 1922.

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