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Edith (Riggs) Irwin

Birth: She was born in Rhode Island around 1884.  

Family Information: Wife of Samuel Irwin.

Mother of Warren, Barbara, Lois and Jeane Irwin.  


Pre-Colony History: She came to the colony in 1930 with her husband and four children.  

Home in Colony: The Irwin family had one of the few new homes that was built within the colony. It had been completed during the winter of 1930 and was a large two and a half story structure which had many comfortable porches and sun rooms with the park in the background.

Job in Colony: She was a teacher at the colony school.

At the time of her death she was reported to have been active in the affairs of the colony, though her time here had been short.

Other Info: In March 1931 she visited Shreveport, Louisiana for a few days to shop and attend a musical concert.  

Post-Colony History:  

Death: She died in March 1931 after being swept by wind from a railroad bridge crossing the Red River at Shreveport, Louisiana.

Two young boys who witnessed the event reported that after she plunged into the river, she had attempted to swim to shore. The coroner reported that she had died of a heart attack, most likely during this effort to swim -- his verdict was "Accidental Drowning."

Burial was held in Forest Park Cemetery at Shreveport on March 11, 1931 with Dr. Angie Smith of the First Methodist Church South officiating.

Sources: US Census: 1920; "Llano Colonist": November 1, 1930, December 27, 1930, March 21, 1931; "Town Talk": March 10, 1931


Dr. Irwin's home inside the Llano colony, later the Septer Baldwin house.

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