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Delsya Lee (Hopkins)

Birth: She was born in 1920 at Dubberly, Louisiana.

Family Information: Daughter of Auris Lee and Leslie (Worsham Lee) Hopkins.

Sister of Charles (Lee) and Mary Katherine Hopkins.

Step-daughter of John Henry Hopkins.


Pre-Colony History: Her family came to the colony in October 1928 from Shreveport, Louisiana.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony:  

Other Info: She was often part of the program at the theater; in 1928 she was a junior member of the Glee Club.

In May 1929 she was part of a quartette who performed in the theater, along with Irene Maki, Iris Busick and Dorothy Bridwell. Those "four little girlies most certainly s[a]ng most excellent to the piano accompaniment by Miss Mary Erma Wilson."

In June 1929 she and Charles sang "Froggies" at a theater program held at the Kid Kolony.

In August 1929 the Hopkins family visited the Rice Ranch. A week later, Pickett carried them, along with a truckload of furniture driven by Baldwin, to the Rice Ranch. The idea was that the Hopkins family would take the place of the Kimballs who were moving back to Newllano.  

Post-Colony History: In 1930 she was living in Webster Parish, Louisiana with her step-father, mother and siblings. She was still living in Webster Parish in 1935.

In 1940 she was married and both she and her husband lived in St. Louis, Missouri with her mother and siblings. Her husband, Burckel Clayton, was working as a bus boy at a cafe.

In 1944 she changed her name to Delsya E. Ross; in 1946 to Delsya E. Scott; and in 1954 to Delsya Eileen Looney -- presumably due to marriages.  

Death: She died in 1999 at Orange Park, Florida and was buried in Jacksonville Memory Gardens at Orange Park, Florida.

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