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Fred J. Hockett

Birth: He was born around 1861 in New York.    

Family Information:  

Description: He was remembered as a good co-operator and brother in the work.  

Pre-Colony History: In 1920 he was living in Oklahoma with his second wife and several children. Arrived alone in the colony in January 1929, it was reported from California, and started right to work.  

Home in Colony: Listed as a lodger with the Charles Kimball family on the 1930 US Census.  

Job in Colony: He worked as a carpenter in the colony. In 1929, among other jobs, he added an additional room on the old Phillips house; worked on the new steam laundry building; helped Ole build a "winch" near the cut-off saw, to be used to move the heavy slabs of wood; helped Comrade Thomas build a counter for a Leesville merchant; helped Cleve Campbell rebuild the laundry washing machine; Helped Taylor level up and put solid foundations under all the best colony houses so they would last until new homes could be provided for everyone; did some carpentry work on the ice saw and worked with Cleve Campbell to put some truck beds on outside autos and repair a wrecked sedan for a neighbor -- the building of automobile bodies was especially active at that time.

In 1930 he continued to do many carpentry jobs and often helped out at the planing mill and in the lumber sheds. In 1931 he was still at work -- in March he was among a group of volunteers that went to Cravens and worked all day gathering more than $200 worth of brick from the abandoned sawmill town; in July he was working on a water tank and pumping station at the big poultry laying plant even though he was suffering from a bad leg at the time.  

Other Info: On August 1, 1931 he was brought in from the Graves ranch and placed in the health home for a few days recuperation. It was reported that the hot sun had reduced his resistance and he had decided to lay up for a short time. He died later that month. 

Post-Colony History:  

Death: He died in August 1931 at the age of 71 after long-standing and chronic disease.  

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Fred J. Hockett

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