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Anna (Gregson) Loutrel

Birth: Born in North Carolina on August 4, 1903.  

Family Information: Daughter of Walter Gregson.

She met Homer Loutrel while living in the colony. The first time Anna recalled seeing him he was operating a radio with a group of people watching him in the Roof Garden.

They married on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1925 at the courthouse in Leesville, LA. They were accompanied by W.J. Gregson, Estelle Bailey Loutrel, Ole Synoground and Gudrun Baldwin.

Mother of Dorothy, Ruth, Sarah Helen and Judith Loutrel.


Pre-Colony History: Her grandfather was a Methodist minister, but her parents had eventually joined the Universalist Church. She attended Woman's College in Greensboro, North Carolina and taught school for a while.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In 1928 she and Alice Pickett were in charge of the Kid Kolony. She also worked in the school, taking care of paperwork and reports and even later learned to operate the linotype and worked in the print shop.

In July 1934 the regular crew at the print shop included: Lloyd Potter, Harold and Mary Emery, Ben Low, Roy MacDonald, Anna Loutrel, George Leevey, Afton Lewis, Howard Stansbury, Mr. Ranft and Irene Hewitt.

Esther Allen, Mrs. Weatherwax and Bertha Richter helped out on the "Colonist" and "Democrat" days, plus both DeForest and Marvin Sanford could be seen there a good share of the time.

She also served on the colony Board of Directors -- a position from which she resigned in March, 1935. She stated that she and Homer would be taking their children to North Carolina.  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: She was a colony activist her entire life.

After leaving the colony she assisted her husband, Homer Loutrel, in his radio and TV repair shop.

She wrote the book, "A Constitution for the Brotherhood of Man", in 1957 because of a keen desire to see the world's destitute people given a chance to produce what they could use. (NOTE: Visit the museum to read her book and others related to the colony.)  

Death: Died July 12, 1986.  

Sources: Family Source: Ruth Loutrel Summey, Linda Arthurs; US Census: 1930; "A Constitution for the Brotherhood of Man; The United Communities Bill, and How It Came to be Written" by Anna Gregson Loutrel; "Llano Colonist": April 21, 1928, April 8, 1933 (The Story of Llano), April 22, 1933, July 7, 1934, March 23, 1935



Anna Gregson Loutrel around 1926 in the New Llano Colony.

Anna and Homer Loutrel at the New Llano depot.

The front cover of Anna Gregson Loutrel's book "A Constitution for the Brotherhood of Man."

(L to R) Linda S. Arthurs (Ruth's daughter), Anna Loutrel holding Linda's daughter Sherri A. Wall, and Ruth Loutrel Summey. Taken around 1965.

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