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Marie (Popoff) Glavincheff


Family Information: She met Peter Glavincheff at a Bulgarian newspaper company in Granite City, Illinois and they soon married.

Mother of Josephine Glavincheff (Nash).  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: When they first arrived, the Glavincheff's lived on one of the farms outside the main colony. They moved into the colony proper in 1934 so he could be nearer the school and growing chemical business.  

Job in Colony: Cooked and kept house at the farm where she and Peter first lived. Worked in the cannery after moving into the village.  

Other Info: In 1934 she served as the President of the Parent-Teachers Association. Other officers included: Nick Lentz, vice-president and Professor Brown, secretary. On the program committee were Superintendent Lewis, Mrs. Lentz and Mrs. Potter.

Post-Colony History: In June, 1935, the entire Glavincheff / Nash family packed up to leave and make their home in Chicago.  


Sources: Family members; "Llano Colonist": Nov 11, 1933, Mar. 24, 1934, Dec 22, 1934, Jun 22, 1935  

Peter (seated in rear) and Marie (standing left) Glavincheff inside the Vitalene Dental Manufacturing Command, Melrose Park, Ill. around 1967.

Peter and Marie Glavincheff, Melrose Park, Ill. around 1967.

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