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Abe Ginsberg


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Pre-Colony History: He joined the colony while it was located in California and made the trip to Louisiana in one of the autos that left the old colony on November 15, 1917 and arrived in early December at Stables (later to become Newllano), Louisiana. "Abe's red sleeping cap and khaki coveralls fooled some refined fellow in New Mexico who grew embarrassed when he inquired whether he regularly wore his pajamas in the day time."

His companions for the trip were Jess Morris, Fred Allen and Wm. DeBoer.  

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Post-Colony History: He left the colony in 1918 to fight in World War I.  


Sources: "Western Comrade": December 1917-January 1918; "Vernon Parish Democrat": June 21, 1919  


Clipping from the "Vernon Parish Democrat" dated June 21, 1919.

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