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Elsa Helen Gaylord


Family Information: Daughter of Olive and W.R. Gaylord.

Sister of Oliver Gaylord

Description: In June 1933 she was described as vivacious and exceedingly pleasant.  

Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In 1932 she often wrote for the "Democrat". In October of that year she taught 10th grade English at the colony school. Other instructors that year were: Harry Clay Weatherwax, Dwight Ayres, Miss Josephine Glavincheff, Mr. Danner and W.R. Gaylord.

In June 1933 Elsa was in charge of the Gila fund. She and Dr. Williams put their heads together to discuss the Installment Membership Plan.

In April 1933 she would "run away" most afternoons from the main office so she could help Mrs. Lewis and her daughter, Marjorie, at the Kid Kolony.

In September she was promoted to be George Pickett's assistant after the departure of her father for Washington, D.C.  

Other Info: In November 1932 the entire Gaylord family participated in an "unsnarling" jamboree where colonists volunteered to wash and pull all the snarls from several sacks of wool that had come up from the Rice Ranch, which could then be carded and spun into yarn before being made into socks and sweaters for the colonists.

In late April 1933 she helped decorate the Roof Garden in preparation for May Day.

In October 1933 a bridge party given by Mrs. Pickett as a farewell party for Elsa was enjoyed by Mrs. Busick, Miss Esther Allen, Mrs. Layer, Mrs. Dougherty and John, Lloyd Potter, Ruth Shoemaker, Mrs. Hamel, Mrs. Loutrel, Elsa Gaylord, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin and Rhea Mae, Myrtle Bradshaw, Mr. Pickett and the hostess.  

Post-Colony History:  


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