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Ed C. Coen

Birth: Born around 1969 in Indiana.  

Family Information:  

Description: He was described as being "another example of what a man will do when he is really interested in his job. He works in the cabinet making shop during the day, but of evenings he gets into his hobby of making and developing pictures. He makes a regular photographer of himself after he has finished his regular job."  

Pre-Colony History: Came to the colony in February 1930 "from the north".  

Home in Colony: In the 1930 US Census he is listed as a lodger with the Leroy Graves family.  

Job in Colony: In February he was reported to be a "carpenter and builder" especially enjoying making handles of all kinds out of wood and the reporter expected his skills would provide for another line of goods to be put on the market. On the 1930 census he was listed as a carpenter in the colony factory.

In June he was making a lot of covers for large jars to be filled with "plum butter, 'serves, etc." in response to an S.O.S. from Mrs. Killian in the cannery, she having "made a pronouncement to the effect that there aint going to be no jam if I don't get some covers for my jars." Also that month he seemed to be becoming a "handy man on these extra jobs" -- at the time he was making a table.

In October he took it upon himself to repair the kiln where he boiled the sorghum cane into syrup. He was believed to be "an old master of the processes needed to make a good syrup for colonists' griddle cakes."  

Other Info: In May He was building "the cutest little contraption of a baby cage" for the Mizle baby -- it was a crib and perambulator all in one and "the latest fashion to boot".

He was often part of the theater programs in 1930.  

Post-Colony History:  


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