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Harold B. Clark

Birth: Born around 1882 in Connecticutt.  

Family Information: Father of Harold W. "Sonny Boy" Clark.  


Pre-Colony History: He was a veteran of World War I.  

Home in Colony: Listed as a lodger with George Pickett on the 1930 US Census, though in March of 1930 there was mention of his tent residence on one of the high knolls east of Maltby's poultry ranch in the colony newspapers.  

Job in Colony: In September 1929 Comrade Clark was in charge of the store with assistants Mrs. Mickey and Mrs. Ashlock.

The 1930 US Census listed him as a salesman in the colony store. Colony newspapers from 1930 repeatedly discuss how well the store is doing -- each month bringing in more profit than the month before. In addition to the usual goods such as candy, jams and preserves, they began placing many of the colony's canned products on the shelves for sale to all comers, guaranteeing them to be pure and wholesome products.

In March advertisements told of cabbage, sweet potato, onion and strawberry plants for sale in the store; in May the Colonist reported that thousands and thousands of plants were sold from the store on a single day and about 35,000 plant orders were turned down because they could not supply the enormous demand. In late May it was reported that the commercial department was assisting neighbors by helping them ship their string beans to the northern markets and Comrade Clark felt this would be an excellent way to build a better relationship with them.

In October Roede and his crate makers struggled to fill all the orders for sweet potato crates taken by Clark in the store.  

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