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Mildred (Gullifer) Buxton

Birth: She was born around 1878 in Michigan.  

Family Information: Mother of Tania Karel (Bettie) Buxton.


Pre-Colony History: In 1880 she was living with her parents in Michigan where her father was a merchant.

In 1900 she and her husband, Benjamin Buxton, were living in his father's household in Michigan while Benjamin worked at a stationary store.

In 1920 she was living in California and working as a manager for a private school. Her father, daughter and a 6-year old boarder lived with her.  

Home in Colony: She lived and worked in the California colony. 

Job in Colony: She was a teacher at the Montessori school in the California colony. She also wrote articles for the "Western Comrade."  

Other Info: Former colonist Harold Mathewson clearly remembered that whenever Job Harriman visited the colony, he shared the tent of Mildred Buxton. According to Mathewson, the relationship was common knowledge among the colonists; when Harriman contracted pneumonia in 1915, he recuperated in Buxton's tent under her ministrations.  

Post-Colony History: In 1930 she was living with her daughter in California where she worked as a saleslady in a department store.

In 1940 she was living in California with the Goodrich family and working as their governess.  

Death: She died in 1949 in Los Angeles, California and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.  

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Ernest Wooster, Mildred Buxton and Dr. Robert K. Williams
Ernest Wooster, Mildred Buxton and Dr. Robert K. Williams.

The Montessori school at Llano, California.
The Montessori school at Llano, California. The teachers are (from L to R) Prudence Stokes Brown, Mildred Buxton and Adeline Horne.

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