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Glen Burns


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Job in Colony: In October 1931 he and Archibald Ogden made a trip to Kurthwood, Louisiana to remove the windows from a building which the colony had purchased.

In 1934 he was busy curing and smoking pork that was coming in from neighboring farms.

In 1935 he served as both the foreman and helper in the garage, and even then couldn't open every day because he also served as the "torch bearer" at the bakery on bake days. In March 1935 his assistant at the garage was Robert Roe and they were doing a lot of business from outside neighbors.

In July he and Lionel Crossland worked on the ice truck all night to get it in running condition for the next day's ice delivery.

In 1936 he was still doing much of the heavy work at the bakery which was managed by Florine Peecher.  

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Sources: "Llano Colonist": November 21, 1931, January 20, 1934, March 9, 1935, August 24, 1935, March 14, 1936  


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