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Edwin G."Professor" Brown


Family Information:  

Description: He was a gentleman, a scholar, a real lover of his profession and extraordinarily well liked by his pupils.  

Pre-Colony History: He came to the colony with some thirty years of teaching experience in the secondary schools of the south and was one of the most capable educators to enter the doors of the Llano Co-operative Community.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In 1934 Mrs. Glavincheff served as president of the Parent-Teachers Association. Other officers included: Nick Lentz, vice-president and Professor Brown, secretary. On the program committee were Superintendent Lewis, Mrs. Lentz and Mrs. Potter.

In March 1935 he was teaching shorthand, bookkeeping and English in the colony schools.  

Other Info: In December 1933 he spoke on "Youth Interest in Co-operation" at the Workers' Study Club meeting, deploring the lack of interest of young men and women in, not only the club, but also in the colony, and advocated that special efforts be made to draw the attention of the young people to the colony's work.

He often spoke at colony funerals -- in December 1934 he gave a brief address at Gus Kretzschmar's funeral.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": December 2, 1933, March 24, 1934, July 14, 1934, April 28, 1934, December 22, 1934, March 9, 1935  

In one of the "Llano Colonist" columns he was referred to as E.G. and one said E.A. Most references to him were simply as "Professor Brown".  

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