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Verda Bradshaw  


Family Information: Daughter of Ray and Annette (Emry) Bradshaw.

Sister of Madeline (Bradshaw) Van Buskirk.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In 1931 she was working in the sewing room located in the new hotel, along with her mother, Mrs. Layer (her aunt), and cousin, Dorothy (Doris) Layer.

In August 1931 breakfast was served by Verda Bradshaw, Bonnie Kemp, Lucille Oberlitner and Helen Joe Daugherty.  

Other Info: In November 1930 she was part of the re-organized Girls Glee Club which included: Florence Aiton, Nellie Bradshaw, Verda Bradshaw, Madeline Van Buskirk, Ethel Clark, Zelma De Faussell, Gladys Kimball, Ruth Kittle, Hope Shoemaker, Ruth Shoemaker, Laura Synoground, Dorothy Thompson, Sylvia Tuber and Ruby Nesnow, pianiste.

In 1932 colonists did a play called "Mrs. Sullivan in Politics" starring Verda's mother as the lady who wanted to be boss of the "society". She, her aunt, Opal (Emry) Layer, and her cousin, Doris Layer, also had roles.

She was one of 16 girls who wound the broad ribbons round the Maypole at Llano's birthday party in 1932 (other dancers included Nellie (Kemp) Bradshaw, Laura (Synoground) Swenson, Ruth Shoemaker, Sylvia and Ruth Tuber, Winnie (Ogden) Dougherty, Hortense Self, Esta Caves, Helen Emry, Vivian Busick, Irene Hewitt, Myrtle and Irene Maki, Marguerite Killian, Iris Busick, Flora Young and Rhea Mae Baldwin.)  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": November 8, 1930, July 4, 1931, August 15, 1931, April 16, 1932, May 14, 1932, September 24, 1932  


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