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Jimmy Bertino


Family Information: Nephew of Bert Bertino.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: In 1931 he and his uncle, Bert, lived in the garden house which had been fixed up for them by John Szpila.  

Job in Colony: In June 1931 he was working on his uncle's (Bert's) garden force.

In September 1931 he and Jim Swenson were grinding corn at the grist mill.

Throughout 1931-1932 his main job seems to have been working in the bakery with Mrs. Hewett, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Busick, Mrs. Bernie Stevens and Miss Ruth Shoemaker.

In 1932 he and Violet Dix were turning out candy for sale in the colony shops. 

Other Info: A column from the "Colonist" in December 1932 stated, "Bert (Bertino) raises tomatoes while Jimmy raises bread. It's a great combination."  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": June 20, 1931, July 25, 1931, September 12, 1931, September 19, 1931, October 3, 1931, November 14, 1931, December 19, 1931, December 10, 1932, December 24, 1932, December 15, 1934  


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