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"Llano Colony was created... to show what the laboring class could do for themselves." Llano Colonist, September 10, 1932

In Their Own Words...

Why Did I Come to Llano? Why Do I Stay?

From The Llano Colonist, April 27, 1929

“I came to Llano Colony because I felt sure I could do a work that was worth more to humanity than anything that the wage system could offer. After more than fourteen years with the ‘Llano Way’ I am now sure I made no mistake in selecting this occupation as a life work.” George Pickett

“I wanted to be sure that I had an old age pension coming my way and as I have seen and heard of many cases of bankruptcy, I did not trust the insurance companies any too much. I wanted to associate with men and women that felt about those things like I do.” Fred Hamel

“I stay at Llano because I have a great desire to learn and observe the undertakings and accomplishments of free-minded people. I admire the system and high standards of living. The climate and scenery are ideal.” Blanche Porter

“We had been reading about the Colony for several years. Finally we came for a short visit. We liked it a little. Next year we made a longer visit and liked it better. A year later we came and are still here.” Mrs. Garrett

“I am certainly well pleased with what we have thus far accomplished and the exceedingly bright prospects the future seems to have in store for us.” Carl Henry Gleeser

“I am staying [in the colony] because I know of no other place in God’s world where one can enjoy work and pleasure on equal terms with one’s fellow creatures even if dead broke.” A Llano Hobo

"The idea of a cooperative colony proved to be alluring to many people, in great part because times were not good." Gateway to Freedom, New Llano, LA

"I came to Llano because I was convinced that Co-operation was the only way out for mankind. I was too old to be employed by some one else. I am staying at Llano because I feel safe and at home here and we have the right system for solving the ills that man is suffering from today." C.S. Thomas

"...It is the only place I know of on the globe where service is rendered for the good of all mankind. Rich or poor..." C.N. Butts

"[I came to Llano] because it is sweet to live among a people where the cords of love and understanding, of brotherhood and sisterhood grow daily stronger." Virginia T. Pewther

"...Morally, socially, intellectually, the atmosphere is very wholesome." O.E. Enfield

"We believe in the co-operative way to live, and the Golden Rule is the only religion." Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Killian and family

"Why did I come to Llano? I had heard quite a good deal about it and from what I'd heard, I figured it was the place I had been seeking. Why do I stay here? Because I firmly believe that I am engaged in one of the greatest, if not the greatest, movements that has ever been attempted by any group of people for the liberation of humanity from the disgraceful system which is now in vogue, that practically enslaves the masses. Show me a better cause to work for, a better ideal and maybe? I won't stay here." Marcus Mardfin

"This morning, Oct. 1st, the mail didn't bring me a handful of bills. There was no bill for rent... [on the house] that my good wife and I are using. There was no bill from the Hotel for the food that we... consumed during the month. All month long I have enjoyed the radio, used electricity up to ... midnight practically every night, and no bill for the use of the 'juice' will be presented to me..." Llano Colonist, October 17, 1931

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