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“Citizens of Stables, Vernon Parish are petitioning that the name of the station be changed to Newllano; but they are not exacting on that point, being willing to accept almost any name rather than the present one. Stables is the center of the new agricultural section of the highland district of Western Louisiana, and has a United States demonstration farm located there. It is also the location of the Llano co-operative colony.” New Iberia Enterprise and Independent Observer, October 26, 1918


Gardens / Farms

Peanut Butter

Rice Ranch


Orchards / Vineyards / Nursery



“Analysis of soils made by residents and others show that this land is capable of producing in far greater abundance and variety than most people believe...The colony has grown good crops of sweet potatoes, peanuts, soy beans, garden truck, sugar cane, melons and cowpeas… Here as elsewhere, cultivation intelligently directed improves the land so that its productiveness is increased.” Gateway to Freedom, New Llano, LA

"We are interested in erecting better homes, growing more food, arranging our social pleasures more agreeably, securing better educational facilities, pictures, plays, music and all other things that can minister to life’s happiness and well-being; and aim to attract more good men, women and children to take part in our movement." Llano Colonist, April 27, 1929

"PASSENGERS for Newllano -- Buy your tickets to Newllano, Louisiana. Should your agent not want to sell to this point, buy to Leesville, and get off at Newllano. Four passenger trains a day go through the Colony and all will stop here to put down passengers from distant points. All trains are met by Colony representatives." Llano Colonist, December 10, 1927

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