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Socialism in the U.S.

Over the years Socialism has become a dirty word in many parts of the United States. The New Llano Co-operative Colony is often considered to have been a Socialist community and it's true that many colonists were also registered Socialists. But that was not a requirement for membership -- members simply bought their membership and agreed to live by the principles established by the colony. The main idea behind those principles was that all productive tools would be owned by the colony rather than any one individual. They also stressed the Golden Rule in their day-to-day lives -- "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Of course, in the 1940's Socialism became a "dirty word" and people became afraid to confess to any Socialist leanings for fear of repercussions. This attitude continues to this day on many levels. The links below address some of the various attitudes toward Socialism. Many more can be found online if you'd like to further research the subject.


Socialism DOES Work Jeremy Corbyn / Oxford Union

Socialism Does NOT Work Theodore Dalrymple / Oxford Union

Socialism for Dummies, Part 1 "Where does the American fear of Socialism, Communism and Marxism come from?" Professor Richard D. Wolff

Socialism for Dummies, Part 2 "Past, Present and Possible Future of America" Professor Richard D. Wolff

The views expressed in these videos strive to explain why the colonists might have made the choices they did. While it is possible these videos might mention recent events, we (including staff and management) make no effort to either promote or demote those events, but only hope to explain a variety of viewpoints concerning the subject and how the Socialist party has evolved over the years.

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