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Museum of West Louisiana
Robert and Madine Mueller Papers
Martha Palmer Collection
Fredie Boswell Collection
Dr. Lynda Boren Collection

Other Donors Include:

Irene & Chuck Harper
Vernon Parish Tourism Commission
Town of New Llano
Carl Peecher
William "Bill" Brough
Sharon Legg Moore
Stanley Fletcher
Jean Foley
David Labby
John Crook
Justin Overman
Roger Brinkley
Janet Mulshine
Arnold Brough
Nelva "Billie" Brough Goodner
Duffie Moore
Virginia Harrison


Do you have items from the New Llano Colony that you would like to share with others? The Museum of the New Llano Colony is currently seeking items that represent the history of the cooperative colony. This could be photographs, letters, publications, handmade items, machinery, etc. In return, we will house and protect your items in a controlled environment.

Items may be donated outright, loaned to the museum for an indefinite period, copied while you wait, or possibly even purchased. Transportation for larger items may be arranged. For more information, please call the museum at (337) 238-1185 or the Vernon Parish Tourism Commission at (337) 238-0783.


Stop by the museum and read any of the books on our reading list which features a variety of books related to the New Llano Colony, as well as several collections of documents.


While you're here, ask to see the LPB documentary "American Utopia". Filmed in 1994 by Louisiana Public Broadcasting, the film features interviews with several former colonists who still lived in the New Llano area, as well as locals who remember the colony.

Also available for viewing is the Academy Award-winning drama "Reds" starring Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton which tells the story of John Reed, American Communist, journalist and activist and his love affair with writer / feminist Louise Bryant against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution.

In 1928, while still a young girl, Irene Maki came from Minnesota with her mother, Mary Christina, and siblings Gertrude, Myrtle, George, Chick, and Milton. Her YouTube home videos, made in 2013-14, offer a glimpse into her personal memories of the colony. Please make adjustments as needed with the sound - the videos are worth it.

New Llano Colony I: Moving In
Llano Colony: After School Jobs
New Llano Colony: Money, Medical Treatment, and the Rust Brothers
Working at the hotel, Saturday Night Dances, and Laundry
Women in the New Llano Colony

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